My profile

Over 2 decades of professional experience:

  • 1/3 business leadership

  • 1/3 finance leadership

  • 1/3 advisory services

Strengths in leadership, strategy and finance

International growth companies.
Technology & Services.

Growth, Turnaround, Fundraising, Merger and Exit.

Working close to board of directors, owners / investors. 

Results through people engagement and transparency.

I'm a passionate business developer and leader. I'm inspired by the possibilities of technology and service concepts and I'm especially keen in contributing to make the world a better place. I believe in people, strategic clarity and positive leadership.

In addition to conceptual and analytical thinking, my strengths are the ability to listen to people, pick up and aggregate the essentials. I have strong capabilities in clarifying and communicating a clear vision, engage, empower and enable my team and stakeholders to execute toward common goals.

I have a natural drive in creating a healthy and open culture where people can thrive and be successful. I aim to lead by example, by participating and supporting my teams, to catalyze targeted development in focus areas. I'm determined to deliver growth and increased value - always with a smile.

As a team member, I'm a pro-active contributor and a constructive challenger. As a colleague I'm easily approached and open to dialog. My personality is open, friendly and easy going while being genuinely goal directed, ambitious and inspired by good challenges.

I speak fluently:

- english,

- finnish and

- swedish (native language)

I have a Masters degree (MS economics and business administration) from Hanken and I'm an Approved Board Member (HHJ).

To balance work, I enjoy family life, sports and the outdoors. I'm an enthusiastic lumberjack!

What others say

"Christoffer is a purposeful and broad-minded leader. In times of change he has the capability to listen to different views and still to make the decisions that are best for the company.

Päivi Hietanen

CEO Edita Publishing

"I  especially valued Christoffer's business acumen, grasp on financials, and understanding of market dynamics.

Vesa Walldén
Founder Tuohi Advisors

"Christoffer brought open and encouraging working culture with him. He has an extraordinary skill of staying calm, firm, and positive even in the most difficult circumstances. ​

Niina Vaheri,

Product manager Softwarepoint

"He is a professional in strategy, business and service development, financial management – and above of all he is a great personality and director.

Anne Niemi-Hakala

Marketing director