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COO at video technology company

The assignment was preceded by an independent business review for the financiers account.  Capwise supported the CEO and Board of Directors in strategy clarification and led the early growth leadership phase and also provides continuous support to capitalize the company and ensure the targeted develpoment.

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CFO as a service for Dagsmark Petfood

The assignment was preceded by a valuation assignment to support fundraising. Subsequently the need for a strategic CFO service emerged. Capwise supports the CEO, management team and Board of Directors  on a continuous base. The demand for services varies from time to time and service provisioning aims to respond to the needs in a flexible and  efficient manner.

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"Suosittelen lämpimästi Toffea! Olemme tehneet jo pitkään yhteistyötä vauhdikkaasti liikkuvassa kasvuyrityksessäni. Toffen apu on ollut korvaamaton mm strategisissa kysymyksissä, rahoitusasioissa sekä taloudenhallinnassa muuttuvassa ympäristössä. Jos jokin asia on ollut minulla sekavana päässä, ajatukseni kirkastuvat kun sparraamme yhdessä. Toimitusjohtajan henkisenä selkänojana hän on myös erinomaisen pätevä!

Laura Strömsberg, CEO and Founder

Independent Business Review

Capwise was assigned to review a startup company in the EV charging industry, by the two largest investors to support decision making concerning further investments into the venture.​

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Merger facilitation

Capwise acted as facilitator of the process from initial negotiation, valuation, deal terms and due diligence. The target was a mutually sustainable solution for merging two leading players in the same industry. Due to changed business circumstances the negotiated terms did not enable a sustainable transaction and merger.

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COO at startup

Capwise led the commercialization and fundraising activities as the company aimed to establish credibility in the eyes of investors.


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Interim CFO at Maksuturva

Maksuturva is a leading Finnish payment services provider for e-commerce merchants. The company was founded in 2008 and had stable development over the years. The original investors had by 2017 decided that the time was ripe to pursue an exit of their investments.


Capwise was assigned as interim CFO to support the exit process in cooperation with external M&A advisors. The assignment started with clarification of the strategy and aligning operations with the strategy. Subsequently effort was put into creating the business model and information memorandum to support a proper valuation. As CFO, Christoffer led all financial operations during the 18 month period and acted as secretary of the Board of Directors. During the period volumes doubled and Maksuturva was succesfully sold to Svea Ekonomi.

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"In addition to taking care of the CFO role, Christoffer was in a key role in preparing for and in executing the exit process. His professional skills and experience from similar transactions was helpful and contributed to a successful outcome. Christoffer's calm and assertive appearance and way of communicating, balanced well the occasionally hectic situations that can occur in growth companies and in M&A processes. As a person, Christoffer is approachable and collaborative. We can recommend him for similar and also more demanding projects.

Hannu Isohaaro, chairman of the Board

Juha Pajunen, member of the Board

Mikael Smeds, CEO and Founder

Capwise acted as adviser for a leading communication and marketing agency in the assessment of a potential acquisition target abroad. Christoffer performed a due diligence review of the target company (group) to understand the intended deal structure, financials, risks, relative valuation and implications for the potential acquirer. The findings were summarized and reported to and discussed with the task force of the potential acquirer. Based on thorough consideration, the deal was left unexecuted.

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Capwise acted as adviser for the owner of a privately owned company in his pursuit to sell the company. Christoffer prepared a valuation as a basis for negotiation and supported the owner through the negotiation phase. The deal was successfully executed. 

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Ownership strategy, Anonymous

Capwise facilitated the owners with diverse interests in clarifying their strategic alternatives. 

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Pricing strategy, Anonymous

Capwise supported a startup entrepreneur in strategic pricing of services for large clients.

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Transaction support, Anonymous

Transaction support, Anonymous

Interim CEO at PulseOn Oy, in partnership with Ferovalo Oy

PulseOn is a start-up specialized in optical heart rate monitoring technology used for health and fitness purposes. The Company had been run without an operative CEO for a lengthy period of time, and both the founders and the board felt a need to hire an interim CEO to clarify the strategy, optimize operations and support fundraising.

Capwise was engaged for a five month period as interim CEO. Early on Christoffer and the management team established a vision, and strong prioritizations were made to focus the limited resources on the most potential product. During the period, important product development milestones were reached. Together with the management team, a strategy was prepared that showed the path forward, creating significant value for customers, founders and investors. The assignment concluded with a decision by the lead investor to invest further to support the established strategy.

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"Christoffer swiftly assumed his role as CEO and quickly earned the trust of the founders and the personnel. He presented great energy and analytical capabilities as he formed his view of the complex puzzle. He's a positive and motivating leader, while firm at the same time. In addition to people leadership, his strengths are strategic thinking and the ability to identify what's relevant. As a person, he's inspired and inspiring. 


Ilkka Korhonen, CTO, co-founder at PulseOn

Olli Pohjanvirta, chairman at PulseOn

"Christoffer represented high professionalism and strong analytical capabilities amidst new initiatives. He is an experienced business leader, which helped him assess the importance and urgency of various matters for the CEO and Board of Directors. Christoffer was an appreciated colleague and he represented Hartwall Capital very well in demanding negotiations and projects.


Eeva Ahdekivi, CEO at Hartwall Capital

Interim CFO at Oy Hartwall Capital Ab

Hartwall Capital is a family owned investment management company with 600 M€ of assets. The previous CFO had recently left the company and a replacement recruitment was ongoing. However, the time gap needed to be covered during a time of several important events.

Capwise was engaged as interim CFO for a two month period to cover the gap between the previous and the new CFO. During the short but intense period Christoffer supported the CEO and Board of Directors in finalizing the financial statements, he led the refinancing of significant senior debt, prepared for share issues, while overseeing amortization of capital loans and payment of dividends. In parallel he prepared a long term interest hedging strategy. At the end of the assignment, controlled hand over was made to the new CFO.

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Transaction support, Starlike Oy

Capwise acted as financial advisor for the owners of Starlike Oy, a company specialised in audio-visual equipment, in their merger with a larger company. 

Capwise role was to support the interests of the owners, by assessing risks and potential tax issues. A light due diligence of the larger company was performed, the relative valuation and share swap ratio was assessed and central transaction agreements were reviewed. Capwise engaged a third party tax specialist in the process as well. The merger was successfully completed, supported by informed decision making.

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Strategy facilitation, Suomen Maksuturva Oy

Suomen Maksuturva is a Finnish fintech startup, specializing in on-line payment solutions applied in E-commerce. 

Capwise facilitated the Board of Directors and the executive management team in the strategy process. Together with the CEO, Christoffer planned the content and tools to be used for a one day workshop with the Board of Directors and management team. A preparatory session was held to start the process and anchor the agenda for the workshop. The active workshop day brought good ideas and led to new insights. Christoffer compiled the conclusions of the day into a clear and actionable presentation to be used by the CEO in driving the strategy forward.

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Interim manager, Anonymous, Phase 1

The company was a privately owned thin sheet metal producer. The company had suffered from weak financials over a long period, with negative cash flow and was facing an acute situation. Capwise was hired as interim manager, with the assignment to 1) rapidly turnaround the cash flow and 2) find sustainable solutions that minimize the owners risks in the future.

Christoffer assumed the role as operational manager and quickly idetified the key issues by discussing with personnel and customers. It proved that insufficient communication and lacking management practices were the main factors behind low customer satisfaction, which led them to hold back and limit orders. By bringing people together for problem solving, reliability in order handling improved rapidly, with improving customer satisfaction as a result. Quality improved and customer complaints dropped. Orders soon picked up and cash flows turned positive two to three months into the assignment.

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Phase 2

The owner wanted to sell the company and asked Capwise to assist in the process (continuation of the project to the left). Christoffer prepared sales material, screened the market for potential buyers and supported the owner in assuring sufficient pricing to cover personal financial risks related to the funding of the company. The company was successfully sold.

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