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Is your vision strong enough? Impactful leadership #2.

As a leader in a new organization, one of your key aims is to form a vision of the future state of the business or area of responsibility you are in charge of. You aim to do this in a short period of time, which will depend on your experience and the complexity of the business. A good way to form your view is by discussing with as many people as possible, directors of the board, personnel, customers and partners. This way your vision will resonate with others even if it includes disruptive elements. It becomes not only your vision, but the vision of the organization.

Once the vision is clear, it will guide you and others going forward. Make sure to communicate it clearly and repetitively in an easily understandable way. Continuous dialogue works to everyone’s advantage. The strength of the vision is after all defined by how well it is shared and anchored across your organization.

The strength improves as you and particularly the people you lead, start prioritizing and taking action supported by the vision. Give compliments and encouragement to further strengthen the common understanding and direction.

A strong vision inspires you and others and is a strong catalyst to uniting around a common cause.


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