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Why transparency matters. Impactful leadership #4.

The more people share information, the better they are equipped to make sound and favorable decisions. Therefore, aim to foster a culture of openness and transparency. To do that you must set the example. Make a habit of sharing everything. The only decision you need to make is - what can I absolutely not share and why not? There are such matters, but if you can't answer the why question for your specific matters, then why should you not share?

Don’t look for trolls, they only exist in your own mind.

Openness and transparency supports creating an environment of trust. If you trust people by sharing information, you will gain their trust as well. This is not only a fair weather strategy. In crises situations information scarceness is quickly compensated by rumors that spread and create mistrust. The best cure to eliminate the possibility for poisonous rumors is to avoid secrets all together.

Trust prevails through transparency.

If changes are ahead, openness and transparency work to your advantage. First of all it is respectful to let people know about matters that may concern them. Second, the earlier they know, the sooner they will understand, accept and be capable to handle the changes. There are great time gains associated with transparency. Also in very difficult change situations.

Incomplete information given early wins complete information that comes late.


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