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Balance urgency with patience. Impactful leadership #5

A sense of urgency is obviously important when aiming for tangible and timely results. By 1) driving the culture with positive values, 2) establishing a strong vision, 3) engaging, empowering and enabling people and 4) providing transparency, you have set the scene for healthy urgency and enabled people to act accordingly by trusting them (see links below).

Now, you have to be loyal to the atmosphere of trust you have instilled.

That means you also need to show patience trusting that, given the circumstances, people are doing everything within their power and capability to perform as required. This is very hard, as you have pressure on yourself as a leader to deliver fast results. However, compromising patience may pull the rug under your own feet.

You may break the backbone of your high performing team.

Rather, persistence to continue inspiring and encouraging your teams, despite potential set-backs, is what’s required.


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