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7 steps of Impactful Leadership

Since mid-October I’ve written seven short posts based on reflection over my leadership experience over the years. These are my TOP 7:

  1. Drive the culture by positive values

  2. Establish a strong vision

  3. Engage, empower and enable people

  4. Provide transparency

  5. Balance urgency with patience

  6. Solve problems promptly

  7. Care about people

I believe many of you agree that these are key elements of good and impactful leadership. The list has helped me pay attention to the aspects I have defined as The most important for my leadership style. You may have additional or different elements that are important to you. I encourage you to reflect over and sum your TOP 5-10 elements. As you go forward, being aware of your desired leadership style will help you be an even better leader.

You will easily notice if you live up to what you have defined as important or if you miss or compromise some aspects. The business results you reach relative to circumstances and the feedback, both direct and indirect, that you receive from those you lead, are your ultimate measures of success. Be open, alert and ready to continuously learn better ways.

When you give your very best as a leader, those you lead turn into leaders in their own capacity. You will end up with an invincible team!


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