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The story behind Value Creators Toolkit

I started working as a solopreneur in early 2016 and have worked mainly on interim management assignments since. As I worked on assignments with a fairly short duration ranging from a few months to a bit over a year, I recognized a repetitive pattern in my way of working. I realized it was the same pattern I had repeated over the years as an employed executive, but now I did it much more effectively due to the shorter assignment duration. I realized there is clear value in the pattern - a kind of backbone and red thread was being crystallized. I wrapped the parts into what I call Value Creators Toolkit.

As such, there’s little new in the parts. But as a complete concept, it provides a solid foundation for strategy clarification, execution and value creation.

Throughout my career strategy and value creation has always been on the agenda; Growth, turnarounds, fundraising, mergers and exits. Realism and a tangible grip has been, and is important for me as the foundation for sustainable value. In the early days value was hidden in numbers, soon I realized value was generated by processes, until I realized value is really generated by people. Obvious, isn't it? People first, results will follow. It's still different to read it than to actually experience the shift in your mindset.

With that shift in understanding value, followed a quite natural shift in how I approached leadership and development work. Transparency and people engagement has since been my ultimate foundation. With a people first approach and Value Creators Toolkit in my back-pack I know I'm standing on firm ground. It's been tested in multiple settings, leading up to solved challenges, profitable growth, fundraising and M&A.

Value Creators Toolkit can act as a foundation for your strategic leadership as well. It helps in aligning strategic understanding and contribution across the organization from specialists to Board of Directors. It ties together strategy, execution and financial understanding. It's a simple, and therefore highly effective basis for continuous strategic dialogue.

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