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Value creators toolkit


The Value Creators Toolkit is a simple and effective set of tools that enable strategic leadership for the company top management, i.e. Board of Directors, CEO and his/her leadership team.

The tools support creating an engaged and well aligned organization from specialist to board of directors.

The tools comprise three OnePagers, the Strategy Map, the Strategic Road Map and the Project Portfolio. These together enable fruitful dialogue across the organization and emphasize the focus to ensure strategic progress as well as support prioritization and transparent follow-up of execution. Once prepared, the OnePagers can easily be translated into online tools (Trello, Jira etc) for continuous use.

In addition to the OnePagers, a Financial Scenario models the business logic and strategic development. It provides the financial view of the strategy and indicates funding needs, growth and profitability and ultimately how value is created over the strategy period. The scenario supports a proper understanding of valuation for purposes of fundraising, M&A and exit.

Finally, the Reporting Package provides transparent information for top management to lead the strategy, i.e execution and continuous strategy development. With relevant information members of the board will be able to provide their best contribution.

In combination with agile and impactful leadership, the tools are highly effective aids for creating direction, drive and continuous execution power.

The tools can be developed separately as needed, although there are clear benefits of building from the first to the last, including strong people engagement.

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